Telephone Answering Service

Do you need a full time receptionist? Our professional telephone call answering staff answer your calls in your own company name, and we portray that we are sat right in your office when we take your calls.

Having thoroughly researched your company, we are able to answer questions about your products or services, inform customers of expected delivery dates and times, book clients onto your courses, tell callers when you are likely to call them back after checking your diary, give out information on your available properties, etc., etc.

Details of each call are then forwarded to you immediately by SMS text message and email, or we can patch calls through to you if this would suit your needs better.

Our messages typically look like this:

Name: David Pickering - ABC Company
Telephone: 07870123456
Message: Wants a quotation for a 1.2m x 2.8m panel in ruby red, supplied and fitted. Please call after 2pm

We will email you a unique telephone number to divert your calls to, and you can divert as many phones as you need to, including your landline, mobile and 08 number. We'll also give you instructions on how to do this (for standard divert options).

In our 10 years of operation, we've worked with every trade you can imagine. Let The Sole Trader Experts provide you with a bespoke service to fit the image you want to portray.

We can have your account set up and could be answering your calls within just a few hours!

*This service is available as part of our Platinum Package, from as little as £40 per month.

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